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Qt library states binary compatibility across major releases But what about compatibility between different compilers For example, 2 dlls., I have an application

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Qt binary compatibility.

The following sections list certain things that should be taken into account when creating shared libraries Qt provides special macros Binary compatibility.

A library is binary compatible we will provide binary compatibility within the life span of a Qt s signals , slots are invoked using a special virtual
This page describes some workarounds for keeping binary compatibility in patch releases You should read the KDE reference: Binary Compatibility Issues with C. Binary Compatibility Guidelines A library is binary compatible, if a program linked dynamically to a former version of the library continues running with newer.
Maintaining Binary Compatibility Visual Basic maintains backward compatibility by preserving class ID and interface ID information from previous versions of your. I have developed a small application in Qt Creator on Ubuntu 12 04 which I want should run on any other linux distromostly different versions of CentOS and ubuntu.

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Binary compatible C Interfaces Chad Austin Qt, Gtk, Aqua, X11, Swing you cannot add new members to the class without breaking binary compatibility.

Bad operand types for binary operator subtraction

Policies Binary Compatibility Issues With C Policies index php title Policies Binary Compatibility Issues With C 2B 2B oldid 87008.

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