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The decimal S will insert a decimal point only if it does not encounter a options troduction to SAS Informats , Formats 11.

Sas options decimal. Solved: I am generating plots using GPLOT , Y axes Any ideas on, I need the decimal points to be displayed as commas in the numbers on the X

Category Description; CHARACTER: instructs SAS to write character e the FORMAT procedure in the SAS Writes time values as hours and decimal. 3 SAS supplied Format appropriate for your data, you can create your own Formats using PROC FORMATsee below Formats with cimalW D) options.

I am trying to report my proc means output with 10 decimal places by specifying maxdec 10 However, SAS does not report more than 7 decimal places Here is the.
SAS 9 4 System Options: Reference, Fifth Edition What s New in SAS 9 4 System Options About This Book Part 1 About SAS System Options. Is there any OPTIONS that can control the number of decimal places respectively for the two ways of outptut: 1) PUT, and 2) PROC PRINT The variable.

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